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Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2019


     Born and raised in Brazil, Emerson Aniceto have his residency in Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania. Currently he holds the titles 2019 Mr Mid-Atlantic Leather and 2019 Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish. He is also the President of Pittsburgh Leather PRIDE LLC, Associate Producer of Pittsburgh Leather PRIDE Weekend, Charter Founder of BOS - Barons of Steel ( a Private Mens Leather Social Club ), Member, Leather Archives & Museum, Member 3845 of B.L.U.F.

     His philanthropic focus is toward cancer, HIV and anti-bullying. He is the creator and artistic director for the wildly successful Stay Pink & Blue which aims to raise awareness and funding for folks living with and surviving cancer and his photographic endeavor which uses his lens and light to show that everyone is beautiful and worthy of love.

     Stay Pink & Blue assists with medication, special foods and a holistic natural approach to managing the challenges of cancer. The inspiration for Emerson’s prostate campaign came from his father, Benedicto, who passed from prostate cancer and breast campaign came from his grandmother, Lala who passed from breast cancer but instilled the ideals of charity, volunteerism and service. His personal inspiration, however, comes from him being a three-time cancer survivor. 

     Emerson is an adherent to the African/Brazilian religion of Candomblé where he is a High Priest and holds the sacred title of “ The little son that enchants the Mother’s eyes” - the son of Yabas - Omode Kekere Oju Oya “ the child from Oya’s eyes.”

     His travels have taken him to international destinations such as Niger, Africa, Helsinki, Finland and Berlin, Germany. It was in Helsinki that he studied professional photography. But it was Berlin where he discovered and immersed himself in Leather and BDSM. He enjoys painting, collecting snow-globes, erotic art and photography interesting people.

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