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The Photographer

     Emerson Aniceto is a Brazilian photographer born and raised in cosmopolitan São Paulo. He dedicated himself to the art of photography after he moved to Europe, where in Berlin, Germany and Helsinki, Finland he fine tuned his craft.

     Now Emerson is based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA where he has a cozy photo studio.

  Photography is his passion and he is fascinated in photographing people and all their fetishes and kinks. Everyone is beautiful and has something special, and he gladly show this using his art.

     Emerson makes each Photo Session an exclusive experience to his clients, making them feel special and unique by instructing them how to pose and be their best in front of the camera in a calm and relaxed way.

     For him photography is much more than taking a picture. It's capturing the inspiration, the decision, the spontaneity, the emotion, the art of life.

     Please feel free to contact Emerson if you have any questions.


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